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USPPA PPG 1-3 Ratings

Powered paragliding is governed through both the FAA Part 103 and the United States Powered Paragliding Association (USPPA). Your initial step will be to earn both your PPG1 and PPG2 ratings certifying you as a Paramotor pilot capable of safely and successfully performing both forward and reverse launches, both of which require written and skills tests. After you have gained 100 flight hours, you can sign up for a follow on class where you can earn your PPG3 rating, certifying you as an advanced Paramotor pilot.

What’s the cost

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Intro class - One 4 hour session - $300 (more info below)
Full PPG1 and PPG2 class - $2,000
PPG3 rating - $700
Gear is available for your initial use to get your training started. 


Gear sales

Paramotor wings are not a one size fit all product. Depending on your skill level, intentions and total weight, the size and rating of the wing change. We need to select the right wing for you. I’m not like others and won’t push one brand. Wings are expensive and very important. Contact me so I can help get you on the perfect wing the first time. 

I am a dealer for most major paramotor wing brands including but not limited to MacPara, Ozone, BGD, Niviuk and ITV. 
I am also a dealer for most major Paramotor brands including but not limited to Kangook, Power2Fly, HSCom, Miniplane and PAP. 

Don’t let regret win. Sign up today!

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Intro classes

Get a feel before you take the commitment 

Interested in flying but not sure this is for you? My introductory class is 4 hours long where we’ll go over some basic wing control culminating in you achieving a solid forward launch (not powered). Spending this time will give you a better understanding of what Powered Paragliding (PPG) is without the commitment or cost of the full course. Introductory classes are $300 however if you choose to sign up within 12 months of completing the introductory class, 100% of this will go to the overall class tuition. 

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Meet the Instructor

All American Paramotor is Veteran owned and operated by Noah who is a retired Army First Sergeant where he spent nearly 23 years serving the United States. During his time in the Army he was a Paratrooper with the 173rd Airborne Brigade Combat Team, 10th Special Forces and other Airborne assets within the US Army. Although his love for aviation started at a very young age, he fell in love with Paragliding while stationed in Germany. Years later he stumbled across Powered Paragliding and has never looked back. Noah is certified through the USPPA as an Instructor and having his background as a Noncommissioned Officer, training others is his passion. 

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